4th Pakistan Media Awards 2017 Dreams of Great Peopels

4th Pakistan Media Awards 2013 Dreams of Great PeopelsDue to the overwhelming response from the public vote that we have to extend the date for Pakistan Media Awards, to keep their lines open voting until 5 January 2017.

New date awards is January 11, 2017 . Thus, maintaining their voices come and make their favorite nominees win .

It’s my dream to actually see people’s dreams of characters that give me the inspiration to carry on their thoughts give me strength to face reality and dignity worthy presence made my life , and I appreciate the work of my favorite actors and all participants Want be part of this wonderful night. It’s an honor to be part of the fourth media awards in Pakistan and will be a memorable day for me .

If you would like to know your favorite celebrities really want to make your dream come true , they want their favorite celebrities live ?

To vote , follow the link and click http://www.pakistanmediaaward.com/ poll voting record public . Win sure favorite nominated …

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