A.H.Couture-Wear 2014 | Ramadan & Eid Collection 2014 For Women

A.H.Couture-Wear 2014 | Ramadan & Eid Collection 2014 For Women

Ramadan & Eid Silk Shirts designed for the ifftar occasion BEENA’S Designers Lounge by Ayesha hamza.Special Ramadan & Eid  Dresses  for Girls.Ramadan & Eid is a multi  label  fashion clothing house. It is a Fashion house for fashion accessories and designer wear. Ramadan & Eid e is a brand of smart casual wear, pret wear and formal wear. You can find it easily and buy products to get fulfill your all fashion desires under one roof. A.H.Couture-Wear 2014 | Ramadan & Eid Collection 2014 For Women.

A.H.Couture-Wear 2014 Ramadan & Eid  is constantly working on presenting fashion products like clothing for every upcoming moment. For the sake of constant presentation of products they have recently launched their Special  Dresses by Ramadan & Eid  for Girls. This a special Ramadan Dress for girls. In this collection dresses are consists of Shirts and Palazzo. All shirts are beautifully designed by using extraordinary designer’s techniques. This is the one of unique fashion dress for Ramadan month that is very respectable month for Muslims because in Ramadan Worlds awesome and unique book was sent to them by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) from Allah Mighty.

In Special Ramadan  Dresses by Ramadan & Eid  for Girls dresses description is as under. In dresses Ramadan & Eid e have used embroidery work to give an embracing look to shirts which have ban neck designs with a line on front of shirt and motif work is also used to enhance its beauty on sleeves and daman of the shirt. Like ban neck design they have used coat color design and printed shirts with highly unique stitching techniques. Motifs are adorned on the shirts front sides which are giving charming look to shirts. Shirts are beautiful embroidered on front side as well as on back side.

In addition to beautiful shirts, hearts touching palazzo are also presented which are unique fashionable palazzos. In these days palazzo are very inns in the dresses of girls because they are comfortable in this hot summer season. Complete photo collection is available here to assist you to buy this Special Ramadan Dresses by Ramadan & Eid e for Girls.  So take time to see all dresses Ramadan & Eid .


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