Antonio Berardi Autumn/Winter 2015

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Antonio Berardi dresses always comes with the best of women with style for every season. This is the much admired and trendy designer western countries. They are world best clothes fashion garments producing first class and accessories for men and women. They bring precious luxury fashion designs that give molded funky look fashionable outfits. They are doing a job for film and fashion industry both. Their products are not only famous in UK but also in their countries cast as the US, Norway, South Africa, Canada, Ireland and Pakistan.

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They have just introduced its new collection designed for the Autumn/Winter season and consist of suits women’s wear. Like his other reference books all this is also very stylish Autumn/Winter collection. It is an exclusive silhouette with four sides shoulder couture figure, tight pants and elongated coats. You will find beautiful photos of Oliver Bernard and Lucian Freud on shirts. Silk wraps are also decorated with prints of tissues same public figures. Also you can see geometric works and graphic designs in clothes that are giving good tone shading and tinting jackets, sweatshirts and coats. There are racks that are subject to the sides and tops of some point are cutting through the layers. In some jackets these are placed as striped kilt. No word is taken from the poem by Oliver Bernard and peaces are not only in print, but are embroidered coats and their necks are printed. We are confident that as the collection published today in our style P. We have also attached some pictures of the aforementioned collection and we can see now. More images are available here.



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