Attraction By Kamal Elegance Chiffon Embroidered Collection 2016

Attraction By Kamal Elegance Chiffon Embroidered Collection 2015At home to Attractions by Kamal embroidery style Elegance Each tells his story of evolution. Floral embroidery goes back to early people when overboard wanted idea in nature and religion. Embroidery Fabrics and ready to wear clothes and embroidered textiles for the home.

Kamal Industries Group is one of the most innovative textile manufacturers more than 50 years of experience. Attraction is a secondary company for Kamal Fabrics try exquisite embroidery fashion dresses chiffon, grass, silk and cotton with unique designs and vibrant colors. we believed to enhance the elegance and beauty of women to remain attractive to attracting . I am always connected to each of my exquisite designs as fashion is to think and express your self with style. It is taken into account when making designs each design can be used by all ages. I am excited to show collection 2012. These images of attraction will guide how fabrics can be used in different ways for added style. I hope you can appreciate all our efforts put into each design.

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