Best Quality New BedSheets By Ittehad Fabrics

Best Quality New BedSheets By Ittehad Fabrics (5)Best Quality New BedSheets By Ittehad Fabrics.Our work is to keep the quality of our products having modern facilities like. Meting out is done at best available units. Best Quality New BedSheets By Ittehad Fabrics (2)In house stitching and packing facilities are available. Quality Manager and employees are given Periodical Training to help us fulfill customer’s requirement.

Ittehad Fabrics Industries is a quality conscious company and has a well-defined policy of provision of quality products at competitive market prices. Company follows violent product marketing & is always endeavoring to explore new markets. The success of the marketing efforts is because of the policy of the company to uphold reliable quality of the products at low price.

1 Double BedSheet and 2 Pillow Covers for Rs 920/- Only
2 Double BedSheet and 4 Pillow Covers for Rs 1720/- Only
3 Double BedSheet and 6 Pillow Covers for Rs 2320/- Only
Best Quality Fabric: 50% Cotton 50% Polyester
BedSheet Size: 90 Inches *96 Inches

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