Enjoying That Ombre Lips

Enjoying That Ombre Lips

Enjoying That Ombre Lips

Remember addiction … Ombre summer. Gladly, I realize that this effect glamorous Ombre is still in the beauty market also in cold seasons. I’m checking out many girls with ombre hair. Ombre patterns clothing is still a day and usable. Ombre Nail arts are still doing our pretty and feminine hands.

And as we continue enjoying that Ombre effect, we can apply to our lips. Check out the tutorial and follow the steps:

Make sure your lips are well exfoliated. Any dry cuticles ruin the whole look and texture of the lipstick. After examining the condition of lips can apply lip balm to soothe skin and prepare the canvas of the lipstick.

After that, apply the color you want with a lip brush. Let the upper lip is more defined. Apply some of the colors in the bottom (upper lip).

Then apply a concealer and some lipstick on your hand and mix with brush.

Apply this pale color on the lower lip. Use the brush to blend the shades together.

Do not pout, because the whole effect is ruined. If you want to make a matte effect and save lipstick last longer be applied and technical tissue powder to keep the lipstick.

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