Fashionable Casual Look

Fashionable Casual Look

Fashionable Casual Look

It is a common knowledge That not every type of makeup can be worn on every type of eyes. I know At Least three different types of eyes, Which Have different shapes and sizes – round, almond, narrow. There are the basic ones. And every single shape requires different colors and makeup designs to match them perfectly.

I want to show you this great makeup design, absolutely Which is Appropriate for a casual look. The color is outstanding and it is easy to be made.

Take a look:

You will need only two colors of pencils for this makeup – black and turquoise eye pencils. The mask is needed by default. Take a look at the tutorial and let’s start with the actual work:

  1. The first step has nothing to do With your eyes, Because it is all about the brows. You Know That the brows are the frames of the face. You Have to Consider and analyze your face and Its features and create a brow shape as in Original features. Use pencil to line the shape and then a tweezers to pluck chosen. SQL With the excess hairs are out of that That brow shape. Fill in with color and brush the brows with clean mascara wand. Highlight the brow bone and I assume you are ready with The shaping brows.
  2. Now apply first to the lids, it will hold the Color Right Where you’ve put it and it will not gather at the crease. Wait a few seconds for the first to absorb into the lids.
  3. Then line the top lash line with The black eye pencil – just a thin line.
  4. Now take the turquoise pencil and start the fight coverage. Apply thick line and smudge with finger or brush, smudge and reapply again Until You cover the whole lid.
  5. Enhance Also the bottom lash line and finish the look With mascara.
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