Gaurav Gupta Autumn Winter 2015-16

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Gaurav Gupta Autumn Winter 2015-16This autumn winter collection is about the process and the challenge of traveling inland. It is a visual representation of the different ways in which we perceive anthropometry, exaggeration and layers. The emphasis is on the process of extending special forms of body parts as the sleeve or shoulder or waist and then control it to culminate in ways that seem structurally merge.

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Bright colors like purple, red and hot pink, frilly items like turtlenecks, bulky necks and juxtaposition of solid tissue and transparent give the collection an air costumish. The same applies to the play with ant fits and folds. Stockings been molded into the body to look like skin-trans opaque texture and color. There are silk, chiffon, tille, satin, nylon glass, satisfying, silk tulle, jerseys and technique of very large draped ageometric ways in portable form, sometimes taking a fortnight to achieve a single structure. Print developed especially for the collections are initially degradation of birds and flowers. On a closer look, are collages of foliage negative spaces. The shoe design takes this forward.The collection exudes romance space age, a letting go of definitions; let the design float through the universe.

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