How To Apply Color Gloomy Makeup

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How To Apply Color Gloomy Makeup

How To Apply Color Gloomy Makeup

I regularly show makeup designs for small eyes. The reason for this is because my eyes are very small and as a bonus – my eyes are hooded. These conditions automatically put my eyes on the “Hard to put makeup on ‘category. But fortunately, there are a lot of makeup designs that are in the category of ‘makeup designs for Hard to put makeup on the cover.

Such makeup design is as follows. Take a look, grab your makeup kit and enjoy the possibilities of his eyes and makeup for them:

1: You can play with eyebrows at first. If “lift” them a little will create an illusion that their tops are larger. When shaping, boot a thin line at the bottom edge of the eyebrow. And when they fill color, outline a bit the top of the forehead. Then highlight the brow bone with matte or glossy beige concealer shade.

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2: Then move on to the covers. First, you have to prime the eyelids. The primer, as you know, is an essential step of eye makeup. Performs the shadows in place and prevents run in the crease area.

3: Then apply gloss beige as a basis, we recommend using the matte shade for the passage base. Apply to entire eyelid.

4: Then apply pastel color for the crease area with a brush pen. This tool allows you to use most of the color.

5: Then shake a little brush to remove excess color and we’ll start with training. Pull the color to the outer corner of the lid and create a movie by connecting fold line with the lash line.

6: It can also improve the lower lid with the same color if desired. But if you have any doubt that this reduce the size of the eye, do not.

Then use soft brown shade to soften the contrast between the cover and color. Apply on the crease.

7: Finish the look with three steps – 1. Liner in the upper lash line; 2. pencil naked on the waterline of the fund; 3. Mascara.All done! Enjoy the look of her perfectly enhanced tapas.


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