How To Hide a Tattoo

How To Hide a Tattoo

How To Hide a Tattoo

Today I’ll show you how to hide a tattoo only the products in your makeup kit. Sometimes we make mistakes, or even if you do not think your tattoo is a mistake, your future boss may be that the views and suddenly are forced to find a way to hide your tattoo. And here we are, showing a way to hide your tattoo.Take a look:

Cover outlines tattoo with red lipstick.

At the top of the lipstick, pat concealed light. Then another check, but let color be the color of their skin complexion. Complete with powder foundation.

Another way to hide the tattoo is to jump over with red lipstick, but if you choose to be applied really light concealer, then apply foundation that matches the skin tone and on top of applying powder Translucent to create a matte effect. You can sprinkle everything with hairspray to last longer.

You see there are ways of fixing mistakes, or at least hide something you do not like or when the job requires something to hide. Sometimes it is better to think twice, so that a tattoo is one of these things. I’m not saying do not make one, just pick an appropriate place for tattoo and everything will be fine.

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