Jump Motivation For Your Nails

Jump Motivation For Your Nails

Jump Motivation For Your Nails

Somewhere around the globe, it is still snowy and cold. But if you’re already in the right mood for warm and happy days, you have to express that mood with the right look of yours, for example, the nails. A DIY nail art is one of my favorite activities for a lazy afternoon. I’ll show how the thought of spring inspired me to look for different looks and designs, until I found this one – Butterfly pattern.

Take a look:When you want to apply a gorgeous nail art, you have to give way and with the nails. The type of nail shape is very important for good looking decor. Thus, these specific nail decorations look great in two types of nail shape: Square and Oval. Just choose the one you like or how to save the art of nails longer. It is a well known fact that often breaks the square corners of boards made, as they often are pointed and while working with your hands, the possibility of breaking the corners of the nail tips is larger. The oval shape, moreover, prevents the breaking-cornered only be free. So choose wisely and we will begin.

 Apply a base coat to your nails.

You will then have red nail polish. Remember to wait until all layers of nail polish to dry completely.

Then use the black nail polish and draw a fan-shaped pattern of butterfly wings.

Keep up with some details in Sections oval pattern and use a tool and dotted white nail polish to finish decorating.

You can make this unique design on the ring finger and thumb or you have more time to devote to your manicure, nails decorate all.

Block nail art with a top coat to make the colors pop out and save it to last longer.

Get pleasure from!

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