Ladies Lamis Digital Silk Collection 2014 by Gul Ahmed

Ladies Lamis Digital Silk Collection 2014 by Gul AhmedGull Ahmad start Spring-Summer 2014 Collection LamisDigital Silk ladies Volume 1 spoon full print sand neckline , with a hint of green and sadness dazzling textiles elegant collections and displays the most fabulous summer flowers . Gull Armadas released in summer 2014 collection as supplied in a special class view of eternal summer. Geometric designs and modern prints are part of summer elegance. Gull Ahmed prints simply show offer aesthetics and patterns that make us dynamic. The New Adventures pictures Gull Ahmed creating every piece we love old grass, Veil, char mouse, signature chiffon…

Gul Ahmed brought another impressive series of summer print entitles as “Thinking Fashion “. Favorite summer wardrobe gets a new twist as an integral part of summer prints in an exciting latest collection with an emphasis on the neckline.

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