Latest High School Uniform | Back to School Wearing Stylish

Latest High School Uniform | Back to School Wearing Stylish

Latest High School Uniform | Back to School Wearing Stylish

A meeting of 10 Young Girls from 10 secondary schools in the urban area of the city of New York gave a remarkably coherent view of what the kids these days bring to school. There were old dress code and personal tastes to deal with but, for the most part, casual with a touch of Grunge Street and seemed to be driving away.The group gathered for this story includes girls in grades nine to 12 from a range of schools, private Catholic public. Shot and interviewed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, last week, we asked each student to bring a top team of a potential first day of school look; each was also asked to choose items from the racks around which senior market editor Mayte Allende style to an outfit. Jeans, sneakers and shirts dominated. And when asked for a list of favorite stores, the most common responses include Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, J. Crew, American Apparel and second hand and vintage shops.

It was a relatively elegant group; the girls had clearly digested street trends of the moment, if subconsciously, even those who considered themselves “in” fashion were in the minority. Only one student, Alexandra Rothenberg, a student at Columbia Prep, said following some of the top fashion blogs, including Garance Doré, Into the Gloss, repellent man and Fashion Toast.

For the most part, the rest of the professed students that anything goes at school – within reason. “Reason” not be anything too short or too bare. “They definitely understand that the school has a very creative environment so you can take pretty much anything you want,” said Tess Strohm, a second-year drama program LaGuardia. “People have shown all kinds of crazy things. People use as baby-doll heads. My friend uses colored contact lenses every day. They can do whatever they want, but you can not wear a hat. “LaGuardia is not the only school that is otherwise liberal way except when it comes to hats. As Willa Decker-Lee, a senior at Bard High School in Queens, summed up their dress code.. “People are really free to dress as you like You can come in your underwear long as you do not have a hat, you’re fine.”Just For having deep view of the above bring up Latest High School Uniform | Back to School Wearing Stylish  Products please have a look on the gallery attached here.

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