Lauren’s Woodblock-Print Layering Top New York Fashion Week

Lauren's Woodblock-Print Layering Top New York Fashion Week

Lauren’s Woodblock-Print Layering Top New York Fashion Week

I’ve respected Rachel Comey as a fashioner for quite a long time – her garments are casual yet refined, her lookbooks styled with such insouciant cool. Anyhow just in the previous year or somewhere in the vicinity have I turn into a devotee of Rachel Comey as a customer.

Her garments are well-made and, as a rule, fit right off the rack – which is essentially the inverse experience I’ve had at each other store. Also it helps that the ladies who work at her store are so neighborly and accommodating and, well, cool.

On some way or another back from a show amid New York Fashion Week, I halted by Comey’s store on Crosby Street and attempted on five things – they all fit, and I needed every one of them. Not having any desire to blow my whole spring plan in one go, be that as it may, I settled on this curve print shell in blue jacquard, which I’d been looking at on the site for a couple of weeks. I like its triangular shape, woodblock-style example and composition (the weaving on the jacquard has been left frayed), which makes my standard uniform of dark and naval force solids become animated. Since buy, I’ve been layering it more than a dark Uniqlo turtleneck with dark jeans or a naval force skirt; as the temperatures warm up, I’ll discard the turtleneck. Gracious, how I can hardly wait to discard the turtleneck.

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