Lover Toughens Spring/Summer Collection 2014-2015

Lover Toughens Spring or Summer Collection 2014 (8) is a fashionable chic brand of cloths, shoes and accessories. . It is the one top British modern fashion brand. presented their new Modern Fashion Clothes. The traditional romantic aesthetic we’ve come to expect from loving this season has hardened. The SS14 / 15 Zodiac collection sees a re-elaboration of fabrics Lover consecrated by time, in an attempt to provide modern wardrobe options to a loyal customer base…

In a game of contrasts, juxtaposes the hardness Zodiac leather with the delicacy of lace, using regularity and depth to ensure silky flow of the collection. Lace is emboldened by the placement, while leather is softened with ruffle. although its visible change in direction, signing Lovers femininity is not lost, with fitted outline and longitude ensure its last offer is still, well, charming. For having deep view of the above mentioned Lover Toughens For Women Drees Products please have a look on the gallery attached here.

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