Lower The Volume Marc Jacobs Back Up For Fall 2015

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Lower The Volume Marc Jacobs Back Up For Fall 2015Lower The Volume Marc Jacobs Back Up For Fall 2015 Spring, the beloved designer was very strong for fall 2015. And we’re not just talking about music truly frightening stress induction which was quite loud and it was a perfect choice for the environment Jacobs was trying to get across.Although Vreeland died shortly after Jacobs launched his business, he wrote the preface to his book “Allure”, in which he mentioned “frivolity, grandiosity, decadence, hedonism, arrogance of fashion”, as things “became a kind of charm in the hands of Mrs. Vreeland.” It was clearly in that spirit that Jacobs designed his fall collection 2015; all these qualities were there. Even the faintest looks – librarian-chic dresses pictures – had strips of black sequins and most of the looks were paired with black gloves and black patent leather shoes that felt somehow diverted. Jacobs was tough with beads – done beautifully in everything from otherwise simple, pleated A-line skirts and dresses, the MIC in layers – and embroidery. Coats with fur lapels and shiny black embroidered panels were among most striking parts of the series. For the most part, the color palette was dark – long coats and skirts of black and Navys felt very “Downton Abbey” in mourning, but there were some bright spots, like a pink jacket with embroidered lining, along with a yellow mustard wide skirt and luxurious fur skunk stole, natch. From opulent furs eyelets wool, there was plenty to love in the form of outerwear statement.

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