New Yorker Fashion Model Profile View Paige Reifler

New Yorker Fashion Model Profile View Paige Reifler

New Yorker Fashion Model Profile View Paige Reifler

Paige Reifler is a fast talking New Yorker, F-bomb-dropping, -Born and raised. In a recent in the office of WWD, Which was Presented with a completely black (naturally) suit, equipped with a bag of Saint Laurent and suede Ankleboots later? “When someone says I hate to describe your style in three words do not. King knows, “I said When Asked if the modeling has Affected your fashion sense! “I have an eclectic style … Such. Changes all the time. Clearly, I’m in mourning for something today. “The 18-year-old, repped by Models New York, it’s starting to get your feet wet – so far, she Appeared in Teen Vogue and Elle Vietnam publishers – but it is becoming Already something of a girl “It”. She is learning to DJ and Also has a very active social life. Instagram account (reiflerpaige, With over 33,000 followers and counting) shows him in a getaway weekend in the Hamptons with Harry and Peter Brant, and, on another occasion, posing with Michael Avedon by Calvin Klein for part MyTheresa.

For now, Reifler stays in Manhattan in the former apartment of His parents, though just returned from a month long trip in London, where I Seems To have made ​​a couple of friends. A quick Google search of His name returns more than 100,000 pages of news and gossips Pap shots, Particularly at sites of the British tabloids, Which link to Harry Styles, One Direction heartthrob. Fans of boy band can be a passionate Particularly race, and his rumored love interests are not always Treated kindly by them. But she ignored all the attention like a seasoned celeb. “I really like talking about my personnel life,” I said. “I do not know why people are very concerned about the lives of Un certain people.”Just For having deep view of the above mentioned New Yorker Fashion Model Profile View Paige Reifler Products please have a look on the gallery attached here.

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