Season Sale Collection End of Season of Urban Studio for Men & Women

Season Sale Collection End of Season of Urban Studio for Men & WomenStudio City has launched a casual Sets wear winter collection 2013-14 because men and women fashion accessories too. Men’s collection consists of jeans, winter dresses, like sweaters, summer knitwear, sports shirts, pants and jackets. Women’s Urban Studio collection consists of trendy tops, skirts, jeans, tunics and blouses and sweaters, coats, jackets and sweaters in winter. Studio City also offers a wide range of electrical accessories like Bags, stoles, caps, hand bands and ribbons .

StudioCity is a famous brand of casual apparel and Pakistan known for its casual fashion apparel dlyamolodoy loving distinctly urban, outgoing, active and fun with an exceptional lifestyle. Urban Studio special brand associated with boys and girls metropolitans who are looking for a fashion brand that offers stylish, comfortable equation with bright style.

StudioCity has its own fashion house design and manufacturing facilities and equipped with the new technology. Urban Studio products sold in their own stores. BrandStudioCity is known as a main brand of casual wear in Pakistan. Villages mostly liked Urban Studio accessories young people from 18 to 30 years old, cheerful, active, sociable and like to clothes casual in their lives.

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