Superior Lashes By This Plain Formula

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Superior Lashes By This Plain Formula

Superior Lashes By This Plain Formula

Every woman has a secret desire for part of your body to be better and better. For example, I would at least 5 parts of my body to improve and perfect. So, no matter how awesome you are, you always have that tiny little irritation, about something. To be clearer, I’ll give some examples:

Thicker hair

 Longer hair

 Strong nails

 The longest fingernails

 Smooth skin

 Great complexion

 Stricter Hips

 Flat stomach

 Rounder but

 Long legs

 Fuller lips

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 Thick eyebrows

 The list could go very long, but what we’re going to talk about today is the remedy for thicker and longer eyelashes. Yes, it is a problem among many women. That’s why we’ll show you a great recipe for a miraculous elixir that will lengthen your lashes and make them thicker and bolder. Try and gather the ingredients.First, you should take a plastic bottle empty and clean mascara brush. So, here is what you need. Use the container as a measure:

 Castor oil 1/4

 Vitamin E medium

 Aloe vera gel 1/4

 Mix ingredients until well blended. Use clean mascara brush for application.

Castor oil hairs thicken eyelashes while aloe vera extends them and vitamin E accelerates the growth of the hairs.

Apply a thin layer of the mixture every night before bed. Be patient, as results come after a month.

Stay tuned for more great recipes and tricks Beauty.

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