Wardha Saleem Lawn Eid Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile

Wardha Saleem Lawn Eid Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile Wardha Saleem that were captured during summer Eid Collection 2015 instructive by Shariq Textiles, with surprising dresses and modern dress Collection 2015 for modern girls and young women.Wardha Saleem Lawn Eid Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile Shariq Textile Mills is one of the famed and most foremost fabric brands of Pakistan textiles industries. The Shariq Textiles was traditional not later before just some years ago and achieved huge comeback from public in very little time. Shariq Textiles offered the seasonal Eid dresses Collection for girls like lawn for summer, linen and cotton for winters as well. Shariq Textiles is supplying fashion fabrics, home textiles, women’s, men’s and children’s ready to wear dresses. Wardha Saleem is one of the famous fashion designers of Pakistan. These varieties of dresses are future by Wardha Saleem.Wardha Saleem Lawn Eid Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile

Shariq textiles of textiles mills has been presenting the quality of the outfit sex port in a lot of others countries like Saudi Arabia, Germany, USA, UAE, UK, Canada, Italy, France, India, Dubai and others European countries. At the present Shariq textile comes back with its most modern Collection of lawn in stitching stroke for the season of summer Eid 2015. Wardha Saleem overstated Eid dresses Collection 2015 for Girls by Shariq Textile has uncovered freshly. This Collection of dresses is design mostly for current Eid Season 2015. Because we all know Eid Season will be coming in Summer Season that why, Shariq Textile launched this lawn Collection for the season of Eid. These are three piece lawn suits Collection with dazzling embroidery touch.

In this beautiful dress Collection the designer used the embroidery touch to make this collection most beautiful for Girls. The Colors mixture of the Collection are very striking like green, red, purple, lemon, sea green, white, blue, orange, yellow and etc. Girls can enhance their persona lovely by wearing this beautiful Eid dresses Collection.

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