Marvi Classic Lawn 2015 Vol 1 By Rashid Textile

Marvi Classic Lawn 2015 Vol 1 By Rashid TextileRashid Textile has launched its new dress collection for girls and women for summer and summer season. Name of this dress collection is Marvi Classic Lawn Vol 1 Collection for summer. It is a lawn dress collection with combination of tights and trousers according to the latest fashion. Marvi Classic Lawn 2015 Vol 1 By Rashid TextileTights and trousers are in white and black colors. Marvi Classic Lawn Vol 1 Collection for summer is a complete collection of digitalized printed designs. Each shirt is with a unique print. Shirts are stitched in different styles and on some shirts little embroidery touch is given. Printed designs are all digitally printed. This collection can be wear on any occasion like party, summer festival, night function, family parties as well as while working at home.Marvi Classic Lawn 2015 Vol 1 By Rashid Textile

Rashid Textile is one of the very astonishing textile companies in Pakistan. Rashid Textile creates designs; make their publications and delivery all over the world. Their company outlets are also available in most of the countries on well populated areas. Rashid textile dress collections are famous because of their unique stylish dresses among girls and women of today.Marvi Classic Lawn 2015 Vol 1 By Rashid Textile

You may get this collection from any big store of your area because this collection is available in market in these days. All girls like to wear this beautiful collection that is very trendy and comfortable for this summer hot season. You can wear it on the coming summer festival 2015. Here we are presenting the complete Marvi Classic Lawn Vol 1Collection for summer photos for our visitors. In this collection you will find mughal rugs, multani art, motifs and patterns, hanging garden of Babylon, Kashmiri art, wooden art, color splash, Persian rugs, glass painting, geometrical inspiration, abstract art, paisley, stone work and embellishment of jewels. Take time to see Marvi Classic Lawn Collection 2015 Vol 2 By Rashid Textile for summer.

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